Our integrated manufacturing support services allow our customers to maintain inventories at a minimum throughout the supply chain, as our systematically designed processes assure just-in-time delivery of parts at every stage.
This process simplifies parts handling, by kitting various individual parts into consolidated user packages prior to final assembly, manufacturing. Kitting process helps in simplification of assembly line as well as workplace layout..
ASK Logistics helps its customers by pre-assembling parts and components for reducing stock - at component level and also the number of assembly steps required at their manufacturing plant, thus simplifying their manufacturing process which results in to lowering cost.
  Sequencing & Line Haulage  
Nothing is more costly than shutting down an assembly line because of a lack of production-ready materials. Our process sequences items for the assembly line so the right part arrives in the right order at the right time according to the production schedule.
  Quality Assurance/Quality Control  
We can even undertake inspection activity, to examine supplier shipments; finished products either sample case or hundred percent quality control (QC) audits. QC audits are performed against norms and specifications provided by customers.
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