Distribution and transport management is most important function in the entire supply chain. ASK Loggistics’ distribution & transportation management service gives our customer an unsurpassed flexibility to maintain tight control of their material flow and to build the confidence and utmost satisfaction of its customer.
ASK Loggistics is committed to supplying on-time shipments, lower transportation costs, and logical transport solutions; with key performance indicators developed with our customers to ensure continuous improvement.
  Transport Solutions  
ASK Loggistics have tie-ups with domestic road transport service associates, Indian railways and leading airway’s companies of India to provide our customer, the entire range of freight management facilities, which include surface transport, to provide reliable domestic transportation, rail transport and air cargo shipments for speedier deliveries to suit customer’s specific requirements.
  Our freight services: Air Freight, Rail Freight and Road Freight  
Special Transport Solutions
  Milk Route Van Transport Services  
Most of the manufacturing organisation spent lot of resources dealing with suppliers in terms of manpower and latest communication channels for follow-up & timely supplies, deliveries and for that they spent lot of money without desired results. ASK Loggistics help our clients’ most economical way to manage the entire process by undertaking the total responsibilities related to the timely inflow of material from multiple supplier locations.
  The entire process includes:  
Coordination & close interaction with suppliers
Route planning
Scheduling & consolidation
JIT haulage
Just –In –Time Delivery
Minimum possible inventory level of parts at factory stores can help our customers to realize significant bottom-line results. Our just-in-time delivery allows our customers to design the integrated systems, necessary to move raw materials and components from the points of supplier direct to the assembly line.
Reverse Logistics
Goods often travel in wrong directions through supply chain for many reasons, if they are surplus, returns, defectives or spoiled and poorly managed returned material handling for redistribution or salvage can take up large portions of your knowledge and capital bases. ASK Loggistics help customers for moving goods backward through the supply chain in the most efficient and cost effective way possible and takes care of the physical aspects of transportation including of restocking, disposing or recycling, invoicing and collection in the most effective manner to maximize the value of goods returned.
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