We provide comprehensive supply chain solution for engineering industry, mainly in areas of: - Inbound Logistics required for sourcing of parts at manufacturing plants as well as for In-plant logistics management And Outbound Logistics for Finished Product Distribution and for spares distribution
Overview of services we provide for this sector includes:
Planning, scheduling and procurement
Milk Run Transportation
Kitting and Consolidation
Sequencing and Line haul
QA Control
Freight Management
After Market Support (Spares Management)

Inbound Logistics
Our inbound processes are designed to deliver maximum efficiency, where we manage the collection of materials from multiple suppliers including of proper planning, scheduling and coordination with suppliers for timely procurement.
In-plant Logistics
We manage in-house/in-plant stores related activities including of line haulage and sequencing a process, which ensures that the right parts arrive just in time at the production line.
In addition to this, pre production we also provide value added services such as kitting and sub-assembly etc.


Post production - Finished Product manufactured requires to be distributed to client's customer network. Outbound logistics services are mainly in two areas - Finished Product Distribution & Spares Parts Management
  Finished Product Distribution:  
Managing of central storage hub and distribution centers and then are distributed to client’s dealer and distributor network using different modes of transportation
Our outbound process ensures all the time that we optimise lead time and strictly adhere to the customer defined norms
  Finished product Pull from manufacturing plant to Distribution Center
Hub Center (Warehouse) Management
Inventory Management
Tax Management – Sales tax, Excise, Customs etc
Distribution (Freight Management) & Reverse Logistics
Reverse Logistics
  Spare Parts Logistics:
Spare parts logistics is a vital part of any business and is changing rapidly. Our spares distribution process is designed to optimise the efficiency at all levels.
  Sourcing of spares from clients manufacturing plant or its suppliers, vendors
Quality inspection of spares at distribution center
Painting, oiling of parts, if required
Packaging, labeling and hologram Pasting
Inventory management
Freight optimisation
Spares distribution
Defective spares management – (Spares Return)
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