ASK Loggistics helps you drive down your overall logistics costs associated with inventory management, warehousing and transportation. Due to our core competency in logistics for the consumer electronics industry, we offer a wide range of supply chain management services.
Our service ranges from supplier management, inbound logistics to outbound distribution services, including of value added support services such as JIT delivery of components, sequencing, line haulage etc. and finished goods distribution.
Finished Product Distributions
Product availability on dealer’s shelf in time - in this today’s competitive buyers market, is the main concern of any consumer goods company. Our expert team manages the outbound logistics – hub or distribution center management including of secondary distributions of finished product efficiently and in time bound manner.
  Our Hub or distribution Center Management Models  
Depending on the customer’s requirement, we study the entire distribution process and develop the distribution model for each customer. Main attribute to deciding the particular distribution models depends upon:Nature of Product, Product Movement, Price Sensitivity, Competition, Product’s Market Reach
Direct distribution from Factory or its Co-Makers to its Dealer Network
Centralised – Mother Depot Distribution Center Management
Regional Distribution Setup
State Level Distribution Centers
Branch Level Distribution Hub Management
Aftermarket Support
This is a core activity in any customer oriented businesses and needs to be managed efficiently to retain customer satisfaction. After market services includes,
Spare Parts Logistics
we manage spare parts distribution – from planning, procurement - to just in time deliveries to our client’s dealer and distributor network. This mainly includes – collection, QA inspection, storage, packaging & repackaging, order management and distribution
Returns Logistics
ASK Logistics manage the returns process for unwanted / undue stocks or damaged goods. These goods can be reused or disposed of on behalf of our customers. This is mainly seen in case of product recall from the market for any reason.
Repairs Activity
This includes receipt and repair of products or parts, either under warranty or post warranty products. After repair, the parts / products are return to the stock or to be sent back to customers
  Reverse Logistics  
This involves the flow of surplus or unwanted material or equipment back through the supply chain after meeting customer demand. Our reverse logistics process helps customers for moving goods backward through the supply chain in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. ASK Logistics takes care of the physical aspects like transportation, restocking, disposing or recycling, invoicing and collection in the most effective manner to maximize the value of goods returned for any reason.
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